Monday, August 25, 2008

Linked Up - Photo Walk

Like many of you, my week is shaping up to be craaazy.

I have also been feeling a little in a blogging rut. I posted this issue that I am having over at Mom Bloggers Club and one of the moms there suggested that I spend some time just reading other blogs for awhile and commenting and getting some fresh ideas. Great idea!!!

So, I plan to spend some time doing that this week in hopes of being inspired a bit more on my own blog.

My first link up is to Rebecca over at Musings of a Mum of 4 and her

She is an amazing photographer and comments regularly on my blog. I enjoy her sense of humor and look forward every day to seeing what new photos she has posted. She even has a new photo blog, A Photo a Day.

My inspiration from Rebecca and many other bloggers: their advice - get PhotoShop.


Anonymous said...

She does have the best photos I always love going and looking at the different photos she has.

You have been tagged

The Mom said...

Beck is AWESOME, you are so sweet to give her a shout out! She also does great graphic design, we worked together on a graphics site!

Yep Photoshop rocks!

Rebecca a.k.a. Mum said...

Thanks for the kind words Janel, and the link, that means alot that you love my photos so much!!

OMG yeah photoshop totally rocks, you have to get it and play, you can do amazing things with it!!


Jenn P. said...

Great idea for a blog post when you feel you are in a rut! Going to check these blogs out now.

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