Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Linked Up - Quiet House and SAHD

Still reading and linking this week. It's been fun! What a great idea of just giving my mind a break from thinking of what to post and enjoying your posts.

Today, I found this over at Genny's My Cup 2 Yours.

This Quiet House really captures the gift of being a mommy.
Genny is such a great writer - sweet, authentic, funny and positive.

Her comments on my blog are always so uplifting and encouraging!

And then there was just the opposite of being a mom - well, kind of. Jen at Cheaper Than Therapy talks about job security as a stay at home mom and her hubby wanting to move in on that.

Dad, Dad So SAHD
Oh, that is such a cute little play on words. Dad, Dad so Sad (SAHD).

Anyway, Cheaper Than Therapy is a fun blog. Jen is also sweet, very funny, authentic and encouraging.

I found both of these blogs through Mom Bloggers Club - see my sidebar.
Go say hello to these ladies!

Oh and have a great post or seen one this week? Let me know!

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Rebecca a.k.a. Mum said...

I love Jen,s blog, we have been friends for a year or so now from making graphics together.
She is a very sweet and kind person and always has something fun and/or interesting on her blog!

I am going to check out the other blog too!! :)

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