Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Is that your car?

Today was the beginning of my bible study/women's small groups at my church. I am the coordinator of this group. And I can tell you that this fact alone just shocks me. Simply and completely shocks me.

I often ask the staff at church why they let me lead anything. All I can say is that their trust, and mine for that matter, is in God only. Because, I sometimes wonder how I even make it through a day! Only by the grace of a mighty God.

So, here is the story of my morning.
After I pack lunches and get my daughter off to school.
Get my son dressed, force some breakfast down him and get him ready to go with me.

I thought by all accounts, I was managing just fine.

For weeks we (a team of phenomenal women) have been working up to this big kick-off morning.

With at least 90 women coming - we managed to get them all in small groups. Check.

We have childcare for their kids - God Bless those childcare workers and the childcare coordinator. Can I get an Amen? Check.

We introduced a fantastic new study on the book of Joshua that one of our women actually wrote! It is awesome! I truly feel to be such a small part of something much bigger there. Check.

Nametags, groups, women, chocolate, music, study books, room placement and a million other things I can't remember at this moment finally coming together this morning. Check.

I also had a friend stay with me last night who was in an accident some time ago and she wanted to come to the study. So, I managed to help her out as much as I could. She is doing incredible, by the way.

So, this morning, I needed to unload my van of all my stuff and to make sure my friend was near the front door.

So, I pull up underneath the awning in front of the church. Check.

Unload kid.
Unload stuff.
Unload friend.

Check, check, check

Walk inside.
Walk upstairs.
Start setting up.
Running around.
Greeting women.
Making copies.
More greeting.
Help get the music set up.
More greeting.
Check my boy into childcare. (actually another friend did this)
More greeting.
Checking in ladies.

Check, check, check and check.

About this time - maybe 40 minutes after I arrive at church another good friend comes up to me and asks if I know that my van is parked under the awning in front of church?

Hello, Janel! The van! Oh No! No check here! I forgot to go back and move my van.

She asks if she can move it for me.

Let me just stop here to tell you - I have the best friends in the world. They complete me.

Anyway, she asks me where the keys are and, of course, I tell her that they are in the van because the van is still running!

40 minutes.
In front of church.
Under the awning.
While I am buzzing around doing my thing.

You see? It is a wonder. Truly, if you think you don't have what it takes to serve God - just look at me. He picks the least likely of characters to fulfill his purposes.


Musings of a Housewife said...

Amen, Sistah! I am leading a very small little bible study for our church, and I feel SO unworthy of the position. But I'll just muddle along and hope that God uses me for his glory as I know He can only because He's, well, you know, GOD.

Kim said...

He picks unlikely servants then protects them AND their vans from the evil one who wants to STEAL, kill and destroy! : )

Beachy Mimi said...

I can so see myself leaving my car running while I get distracted doing something else. Aren't friends wonderful!

Amy said...

awesome stuff...I can so relate...thanks for sharing...

Anonymous said...

What would we do in this world without our wonderful, loving no matter what, give us a good kick in the rear sometimes friends?

If the only thing that you forgot that day was to move your van then I give you 2 thumbs up, high five and a pat on the back. Good job!

fortyb4forty said...

Thanks for sharing. I am supposed to lead our ladies bible study again this fall. I feel unworthy but try to have the willing heart.

Stefani said...

Don't sell yourself short Janel. I have seen God do some pretty amazing things through you and I know that it's only the beginning.

Keep on truckin' girl, you inspire us all! Personally, I am in awe of how you manage to do so many things so well. And amongst it all, you always make time to call a friend in need.

Boomeyers said...

I looovvee it! It makes me feel better to know I have friends out in "spaceland"! (BTW, I just typed out this whole comment and then forgot to hit publish! Ugh!)

We just started our Bible study groups today. Life of Moses, should be interesting!

Rebecca a.k.a. Mum said...

haha that is truly funny!

Well hey you were a busy woman doing a million other things...what is a van running out the front of the church for a little while huh!??? ::giggles::

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