Monday, September 15, 2008

Noel Elsa - Finally

I want you to meet someone.

Noel Elsa was born in the Cabbage Patch on July 26 and delivered and left on my doorstep in early August for us to adopt and love on.

When I was 13 years old, the Cabbage Patch Kids made their debut.

I desperately wanted one.

Any. One.

At the time production was limited and to get one you literally had to sell your car or your first born or something.

I did not get one of those first dolls, though. And not from lack of trying. Not even from lack of money which I am sure we had very little of. My mom usually went in to debt each Christmas to make sure we had exactly what was on our list to Santa. She was good like that. But this particular year, she could have hocked her wedding ring and not gotten me this doll.

They were simply gone.
No where to be found.
No eBay to buy one that someone bought up and then inflated the price.
All gone.

So, Christmas came and went with no Cabbage Patch Kid. Luckily, at this point, I did not find too much stock in the big guy with the white beard anyway, so I was just disappointed in my parents. Oh, God bless 'em.

Along the years, Cabbage Patch Kids were released in Preemies and even twins and I received several as gifts.

Amos was my preemie - given to me by a guy friend that I was "dating". Just look at that hair. His green eyes match my own hazel ones. I LOVED this doll. More than the guy. I kept the doll. The guy - not so much.

Then there were the twins (and I cannot remember their names) who were given to my by my very sweet little brothers. Look really close and you can see the one's front tooth!
My kids really love these guys.

As you can see, I still have them all and here they are to welcome Noel into the playroom.

My kids have had so much fun playing with all my CPK dolls and love Noel. She's been in the treehouse and even went to school for show and tell.

The best thing about Noel - she SMELLS like baby powder!!!

We got a new Cabbage Patch Kid a couple years ago and she was precious. Unfortunately, she was misplaced by my then 4 year old daughter.

It. Was. A. Sad. Day.

Anyway, I remember opening her and loving her but she did not smell like the original and she did not have the sweet round face of the original. She was a jazzed up, millennium version of the old.

These new 25th anniversary Cabbage Patch Kids are made from the same mold and materials as the originals when I was 13 years old. Just released at the beginning of this month, you too can have the one you never had then. Or to go with the one you did get.

They retail for around $30, you get a "silver anniversary" baby spoon with them, commemorative silver-stamped 25th Anniversary Birth Certificate and Adoption Papers.

Thank you Team Mom and Play Along! We love Noel and will take very good care of her.

Okay, so tell me your own Cabbage Patch Kid story and be sure to check out others and post there too. I am going there to post mine now!


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I remember the days of the cabbage patch. All the moms fighting over them pulling hair, punching etc. I had 3 CP dolls and still have them, my kids get a kick out of them.

happyathome said...

I remember buying mine in Spain! At the time, it was the only place they were available. So she has a cute red spanish dress on, pretty rare. I think it is still at my parents house, will have to check!

Kellie said...

You and I must be around the same age because I DESPERATELY wanted a CP kid growing up and never got one.

I was insanely jealous of the little neighbor kid who was an only child and had 10 or 12 of them. In my childlike head I decided she must be rich and have good CPK connections to be able to find and afford so many dolls.

And, this is shameful, but i seriously contemplated kidnapping one of them. The way I figured things, she wouldn't even know if one was missing.

In the end, my conscience won out. But as a 10 or 11 year old, I remember wanting one so badly, and plotting in my head for quite some time how I could make it happen!

ali said...

I never had a CPK but I did get a preemie for Christmas one year--very exciting! Priscilla Elizabeth. Still have her. Somewhere in a closet at my parents house:)

Genny said...

Brings back such memories! I LOVED my Cabbage Patch doll.

Sarah said...

For some reason, as a young white female, I desperately wanted a Hispanic boy Cabbage Patch. I had several best friend who were Latino, and it only seemed right.
My uncle bought my sister and I each our own C.P one parents were too poor to buy us one, I am sure. I put my special request in, and waited eagerly for the arrival.

On Christmas morning, I ripped into my package, only to find a BLONDE boy with BLUE eyes. Sigh. He was still handsome, but not the little casanova that I had envisioned.

My daughter has now taken him over and then decided that she needed her OWN boy C.P. for her birthday. He also has dark hair (but is not as cool as the original....)
Like mother, like daughter! :-)

Rebecca a.k.a. Mum said...

How cool that you got a special girl after all these years!

You know I don't think I remember these dolls in Australia, I don't think they had them there?

I got my first 2 for my twins 2 Christmas's ago, Sofia got a pretty blonde with blue eyes just like here (with the barbie type hair rather than the wool) and Benny got a matching blonde blue eyed boy.
Then of course Nathan had to had one (much to his fathers dismay, he was already not impressed that Ben got one) so I got him the baby one which he played with for 5 mins and threw on the ground. lol
Now Sofia has 3 CPK that she is more than happy to play with!

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