Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A little Hormonal

I can be a little hormonal sometimes.
Up, down and all around.
Here, there and everywhere.

It goes something like this each month.

Week One: immediately following "that time of the month" ( for the guy readers)

I am extremely productive, happy, light-hearted, energetic.

I look in the mirror and think I don't look so bad.

My face is clear, my hair is shiny and I even feel somewhat slim.

Week Two: I LOVE my husband.
I mean love him in the way that I dream about him all day. Last week, I went to the bus stop and then came home. He had just left for work and I could still smell his cologne in the garage.
I swooned. I called him immediately just to tell him how I couldn't wait to see him later.

This would be the time of the month that babies are made.

Week Three: One day (this would be yesterday) I will just get this feeling. A feeling that overwhelms me. A heavy icky feeling.
I start to feel tired and snappy.
Okay, snappy is really an understatement.

If I cry or have an outburst of any type - it is ALWAYS in this week. It is seriously like I change personalities. I can be just downright mean. Not that I am proud of this, but if I need to be mean - this is the week I can do it.

Patience are at a minimum.

I look in the mirror and see zits, greasy hair and don't even get me started on how my jeans fit.

The kind of day when sticky doorknobs will send me into a complete rant of how my family does nothing around this house to help me clean one bit and I am completely under appreciated.

Over reaction to the max. I usually end up with asking for forgiveness from someone.

Week Four: the week. You gals know how this one goes. But honestly, for me - it is a relief. My personality comes back. The real me returns. I am tired and maybe a little bloated, but happy again.

I did talk to my doctor about 8 months ago about this and was diagnosed with PMDD. It is like PMS on steroids and only affects about 5% of women. Lucky me.

I take some medicine now to help me through week 2 and 3. I try to watch salt intake, drink more water, exercise and sleep more. I detest taking the meds. I really don't like taking any medicine but this one helps me stay sane and keeps my family happy.

I like that I can tell when my body changes. I can quickly determine if what I am feeling is real or just hormonal based on where I am in the month. I know if I need a nap, exercise, time alone, a friend to lean on, extra prayer or just chocolate.

So, I figure I got about one good week in me each month where I am normal. And even that is up for discussion. ;)


Musings of a Housewife said...

Girl. I could have written every word of that. It's SO frustrating. And I have like 25 day cycles. I hate my life sometimes. Which I know is such a horribly ungrateful thing to say when I have a new life in Christ. I just wish a cure for PMS came along with the rebirth. ;-)

The Mom said...

SO ME! I understand it all to the word. *hugs!*

Kristin said...

Thats so funny that you wrote about that today. I called someone at the church today and burst in to tears on the phone. Then I called another friend and was like, "what is WRONG with me?!"

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