Thursday, October 30, 2008

Does This Bother Anyone Else?

Is it just me or does it bother anyone else that when you go to early vote you don't have to show in identification in North Carolina?

All you do is tell them your name. They look you up and say your address back to you. You agree and then you vote. THAT'S IT! No voter card. No id. Nothin'.

Is it like that in your state?

Why why why is it like this?


Dawn said...

Really, really, really IRRESPONSIBLE and annoying!

Anonymous said...

WoW that is kinda scary! We have to show ID everything here

Kellie said...

I thought it was funny because when I went in to register and vote early I needed to show any paper that had my new address on it. I don't have my NC drivers license yet, so I took my cable bill (because it was all I could find! That was all they needed. But I gave the my Military ID anyway. Although she just barely glanced at the ID and but ran off with that cable bill.

You are right though. People already registered just walked in and gave their name and they were looked up in the computer and handed a ballot! Crazy!

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