Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Need Help Sleeping?

Hubby has some trouble sleeping. It seems his brain starts to process his day about the time the rest of his body shuts down. Since my brain is shut down most of the time I usually don't have this issue, but I am not willing to sleep without him, so we've tried a couple things....

The water fountain

Stress relief CDs and Music - some of them are just weird.

Sound machine. Birds chirping doesn't seem too natural at midnight. The rain is my favorite.

He recently bought this pillow and likes it a lot.

And this on our bed is nice.

Ultimately, we just have to give up the fight.

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One Mom said...

and that's the Truth! Great series of photos!

MomOf3 said...

I struggle to get to sleep at times too. My hubby can fall asleep in a snap! I sometimes pray about things I am thankful for. I actually wake up better too - thinking about these blessings! Happy WW and good luck with the sleeping!!!!

Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

Isn't that the truth? Wishing many peaceful nights of sleep for you and hubs.


Kellie said...

How about Benedryl?

Just Kidding!!!!

I am a horrible sleeper myself. But I will confess that I do take two Benadryl whenever I go on a retreat or am sleeping over somewhere other than my bed!

Tiff said...

My problem is staying asleep. Once I'm up I'm up all night long!

The Mom said...

Since K was a baby I've had a fan on in her room on low (box fan not ceiling) and the hum was perfect for lulling her to sleep and drowning out all the other noise from about the house!

ali said...

I was just going to suggest what Jen did--when hubby worked nights he slept with a box fan on during the day. But he turned it on high!

Great photo story!

Anonymous said...

So sorry you are having trouble sleeping. Like Jen and Ali maybe a fan of some sort will help.

Rebecca a.k.a. Mum said...

I get like that sometimes...the water pillow looks interesting!

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