Monday, November 3, 2008

Bella Sara is Having a Baby

I was first introduced to Bella Sara trading cards because of my older nieces. They like to collect these very cool horse cards and then activate them in this amazing website full of magical rooms, treasures and horses. Now my own 8 year old daughter is loving them!

Bella Sara taps into young girls' love of horses and offers them the
ability to nurture their virtual horses in their online stables, read stories
and play games featuring horses. Bella, the icon of the brand, is a
legendary horse in North of North and also appears as a teacher nurturing the
young foals.

Now this beautiful white horse, Bella is about ready to have a baby! An entire new line of trading cards featuring all brand-new babies will be introduced. I got a sneak peak and they are pretty cool!

And a celebration is about to begin on the website to welcome Bella's new foal.

Beginning November 6 on BellaSara ,kids can qualify for daily prizes, print of babies birth certificates, read stories, get access to special codes and more! Also, there will be chances to win Bella Birthday packages!

Bella Sara is full of meaningful messages for young girls. Listed right on the cards are messages with each horse like these:

Tell your friends your favorite wish. Then listen to theirs.

Share your thoughts and feelings in writing.

You have the power to control the way you act.

A noble spirit grows from a kind and honest heart

When your child receives the cards, she would then take each card, log into Bella Sara and register her new horses. Take care of them each day much like you would in that other world with virtual pets. Except these are just little cards - that you can keep in a neat little pile or book.

Okay, so go ahead and check it out. and don't forget to get there for the big celebration on November 6!

Packages of cards, retail for $2. 99, with 7 cards in each package and are available at Target, Toys "R" Us, Wal-Mart, book and hobby stores. They make great stocking stuffers!

Oh, and here are some more products from the Bella Sara line. Games, DS games and crafts.

I can tell you that around here, we cannot wait to see the new foal and get some more Baby Bella cards!


Kristin said...

My girls love these! They bought more this afternoon at Walmart, so they spent the rest of their day online logging them in, (or whatever they do!)

Anonymous said...

My 10 year old has just found her love for horses so am going to go out and buy these today!

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