Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Speaking of President...

My B is running for Class President. Of her second grade class.

Okay, how cute is that?

She wrote a speech a couple weeks ago and along with about 10 other kids told the class why she would be a great class president.
She said she would help her classmates if they had questions, help recycle in the classroom, have a suggestion box for her classmates and assist her teacher by leading by example of good behavior.
Her and a little boy won the nominations and they have been campaigning for a week. They were each assigned a campaign team to make signs, buttons and slogans. Sound familiar?
Her slogan was B - The Right Woman for Change. Yes. Yes, it was.
One of the little guys on her campaign team told her that he would be voting for the boy running against her and she quickly informed him that she did want anyone on her team that was not voting for her. He has since changed his mind - or so he told her. Fear, maybe?

We printed out stickers for her this morning to take to school and she wrote out compliments for each of her classmates on index cards. She thought instead of handing out candy like some of the other candidates are doing, she would hand out encouragement with her stickers that say,

"B.R.B. Vote For Me!"

She. Is. Special.

Today is the voting. She will know by the time she leaves school who the new class president will be. I will have a happy girl or a very sad one when she gets off the bus today.

So, we said a prayer this morning that went something like this:

"Lord, we know that this election is in your hands now. We have done all
the work we can. It is up to the voters now to cast a vote that will end
up doing what is best for the entire classroom - not just one. We hope that
all we did was glorifying to you and that you will give us peace in the event
that B is not the winner. We hope that if she is, that you would help her to be
gracious to her opponent and grateful to those who voted for her for we know it
is a privilege to be voted into any office by your peers. Thank you for the opportunity to try"

Hmmm. Ya' think I might have had my mind on another election?
Maybe a little, but I do know how sensitive she is and that if she doesn't win it will be hard for her to be strong. So, I felt the little prayer would help her get through it.
Anyway, I'll keep you posted!
***updated*** SHE WON! Hey, who knows what the future holds for this kid, now!


ali said...

Congrats B!

Jadekitty said...

That is so exciting!! Congratulations :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Congratulations how fun is this. We also had our 2nd grade elections and Em ran but unfortunatley she did not win but she was pretty ok with it.

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