Thursday, November 6, 2008

How'd You Do That?

Okay, this is pretty cool - YouTube video of my cousin's 15 year old son.

He is an awesome juggler, made this video and I wanted to just share it with you!

He is really good!

Here is his website: Juggler Tony Pezzo

This is what my cousin (Proud Mom) says,

"Tony Pezzo is a 15 year old juggler. He is interested in creating
videos that display his love and passion for juggling. It is important
to him that his juggling be technically challenging as well as creative and entertaining. The video is a compilation of him juggling rings, balls
and clubs. The video is made up of clips that segue way from one scene
to another with lively music playing in the background."

1 comment:

Stefani said...

That's so cool! There is a show on Discovery Channel called "Time Warp" and they showed a man juggling chain saws in slow motion. So crazy! I wonder if your cousin saw it? Thanks for sharing!

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