Monday, November 3, 2008

Weekend Wrapup

Weekend Wrapup...

Halloween was so fun this year with Bubby a little older.

He was able to keep up with all the big kids which was the first year which made it more fun for all!

B had a blast in her made up Scary Fairy costume.

Here they are!

I was so resistant to B being something scary. I don't like that part of Halloween with younger kids especially, but I felt like she is getting older and not wanting to be Tinkerbell anymore, so I had to compromise. She was very creative and had a good time with it.

Hubby's parents came and that was a nice visit. I think it was the first time they got to see our kids trick or treating so I am sure they enjoyed that.

Too much candy, though!!! Good gracious -this has to go somewhere else other than our bellies.

MIL and I went to the What Not to Wear Conference the next morning. It was sooo fun!

If you get a chance to go to one in your area, you should go. It was awesome to find out my body type and what works with clothing and accessories for me specifically. I am an X body type with a little H. That basically means I am proportioned pretty evenly but have a little pooch. Yeah.

I always have, though -even if I am working out like a maniac I have a tummy. And it doesn't get any better as I approach 40.

I am also a clear which means I can wear about any color except brown up by my face and off white or very pale colors by my face unless I put on a jacket or sweater with some color. Also, I really should not have highlights in my hair. Crazy, but I have been thinking this for awhile and my stylist and I have been working on that.

She instructed some women not to wear black. It was very difficult for them to accept! I know I would be lost. According to her, black does not look good on everyone as previously thought.

Her story was awesome. It was by far my favorite part of the conference to listen to her journey to where she is now. Amazing amazing story.

Some other tips from Shari that I found helpful:
  • Have a proper bra fitting. Amen.
  • Own sucky in pieces or Spanx type of clothing to suck in parts that should not be hanging out like tummy, bahooty and thighs.
  • Wear your correct size or even a size up. If you wear the size you think you should be or wish you were and it is not your correct size it can actually make you look 2 sizes bigger than you are!

  • Stand up straight.

  • If you are in doubt of what color a basic purse or shoe should be for you - match your hair color.
  • Embrace who God made you to be!

Aren't those great tips?!?! She really is good at what she does and is a sweetheart of a woman. Friendly and sooo approachable. Oh, and funny! In general, she is a rockstar in more ways than one!


Anonymous said...

Great pic of the darlings...
I know they had fun and my girls had WAY TOO MUCH candy too...

I would love to find one of those conferences here I am sure they have them just need to find one.

Caroline said...

Love the picture. I have a Bubby too.

I'll be looking into the What Not to Wear conference. How cool.

My new found sucking-in shaping piece is Slimpressions. Have you seen these? They rock! Great for my Halloween/candy-loving belly, back fat and arm flab!

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