Thursday, December 4, 2008

Time Sure Flies

Wow, time flies when it's holiday time.

I find myself not on my computer so much the last few days as I decorate the house and start the shopping. So, I have not been blogging much. Or Facebooking much, or Tweeting much.

I only have so much creativity. And right now, it's going to the house. I plan to be in BooMama's Christmas tour with all the other 2,000 bloggers. But it is a fun carnival and by then, I should have any decoration photos posted.

B did receive Mia: American Girl Doll of the Year the other day. You can see her excitement above. She saves her money all year long to buy the doll herself. She bought last years doll and really wanted to do it again. This year they had free shipping to boot!

My Christmas cards are being finished up. We had our family pictures taken this year and they turned out so awesome. Especially, the kids. I have already received a card. I have a request - Stop doing this. Really, just get them all ready and hang on to them for a couple days or a week. They will still get there before Christmas and you won't make the rest of us look like such slackers.

Let's see...what else?
Oh, we are doing some maintenance to our home. We got measured for new carpet and are doing that in the next month or so. Preferably, after Christmas. We shopped around quite a bit and it really came back to Home Depot having the best deal. They have $199 installation for the whole house right now (plus stairs) and the smaller floor companies just can't beat that. They also have good carpet. Actually, I found out that all of the floor companies pretty much sell the same stuff - they just name it differently for individual stores.

Hubby replaced all the door knobs in our house. I have been wanting to do this for 10 years now, but finally we had so many break that it became a reasonable expense.

They were this shiny brass.
Now they are this brushed nickel.
I am soooo excited! They look really nice throughout the house. We are talking about plans to redo our kitchen and build a sunroom. Oh, that is going to be some fun blog fodder, I can already tell.

It was either move into a new house or take care of some things in this one. We have lived here for over 10 years and it is just starting to show it's age. We had to paint a couple years ago and buy a new AC unit, so I am ready for some fun changes!

So, that's about it. How is your December looking so far? Craziness? Do you have your shopping done?

Merry, Merry,

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Jenn P. said...

I am so far behind! I haven't even began to get my Christmas cards ready yet. I love your new door knobs!

Anonymous said...

We finally got our cards done, I will pick them up tomorrow and hopefully get them in the mail next week. My girls do AG dolls too Em is getting a new one for Christmas, Er just got one in Sept. for her b-day!! I've missed ya I know you've been busy but try not to stay gone so long :)

EE said...

I like the new door knobs. We have brushed nickel throughout our house, too.
It's not too crazy around here in December, only because we don't have 14 different sports going on at once. I'm actually kind of enjoying the month, and this never happens.
Can't wait to see your photos.

Jen said...

Time does fly. My little girl is getting her first AG doll this Christmas. She's just getting into them. I think it's great that B bought her own.

Shopping is no where close to being done. Cards ordered. Egg nog - hmmm, no but everyone is telling me to try it.

Love the fixes to your house. It will feel like brand new with all the updating you're doing.

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