Friday, January 16, 2009

Can Toile Help Me?

That is meant to be a play on words meaning, "Can Ya'll Help Me?" Toile, Ya'll - they kinda sound the same.

Anyway, I do need your help and it does involve toile.

B wants to redecorate her room. She is due. It has been a little bug theme since she was a seed in my belly. We have added flowers over the years and made it girly, but we were inspired while shopping yesterday by this lamp.

So, she thought a Paris themed room would be fun.

And. I. Am. So. Into. That.

She loves ballet and has a ton of pink ballet things in her room. And her furniture is white. I can carry a lot over into this new room.

We collected a couple things at Target today like a cute Paris map memo board (see above)
and now I am just stuck on the bedding. Although, we found CUTEST furry pink blanket. Thank you Valentines Day!

We are painting the walls a very pale green OR my preference is a taupe color. There is a light green in the lamp and the memo board, but I am not sure it will look good all over the walls.

Of course her walls are orange with lady bugs and bumble bees all over them, so too much is not really something we tend to worry about in the kids rooms, I guess.

Here is the only bedding I have found that I like - in the black toile. But maybe it seems too grown up? I mean she is only 8.

She thinks Black toile. I think maybe green. I also saw a very cute duvet cover that was white with black polka dots.

Thoughts or ideas?
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Allison said...

Great theme...Poodles in Paris (pink/black/white) is my daughter's nursery theme, and I want to carry it over to her big girl room, so I have been on the hunt for bedding/accessories. Check out and look under girl bedding. There is a section for toile bedding and paris/pink bedding, too! Cute stuff. Hope this helps!

Tatum said... has cute bedding also.

I love the Paris theme...I think also has very cute decorating ideas.

How fun

sarah said...

Sounds like she already has your great taste! I just wished my kids wanted the CLEAN look.

Kristin said...

Here's a site to try with quite a few cute sets. I ordered John's bedding from them a few years ago and the prices are amazing. Look under the "teen bedding" section. There are some toile sets, too. Good luck!

John's Arts & Crafts said...

Great Ideas! New blog on the Hx. of the Lady Bug

EE said...

I like the PB bedding in green. You could always do a fun throw at the end of the bed & fun pillows.

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