Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Monday

Well, I am back from my retreat. Did you ever notice that women's retreats are really not that restful? Well, for me anyway. The talking and sharing just never ends! I don't think I was in bed before 1 am for 2 nights in a row. And yes - I loved every minute of it!!! That is just one great group of women who are excited about God, our church and about getting women connected.

I was exhausted yesterday and even thought I might be getting sick but a good night of sleep will do wonders!

Thanks for those that linked up to Souper Saturday! There were some great recipes on there that I want to try this week.

The kids are off of school today - AGAIN. Honestly, with a 5 week track out, vacation, snow days and holidays, the thought of both kids being in school again is almost surreal. Will it ever really happen? And what will I do with myself? Right.

So, my church just announced this weekend that we are going to multi-sites. Basically, each site will function as their own church with staffs and such but our pastoral team will be recorded at our main campus Saturday night service and broadcast at the other locations on Sunday. One of them will be right here in my little town! I am excited to be a part of that new site but a little melancholy about not being at the main campus on a regular basis once this kicks off. But I gotta go where God wants me to go, ya know? He hasn't steered me wrong yet!

So, how about you? Do any of you go to a multi-site church? Tell me about your experience.

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Kristin said...

I still want to link to Souper Saturday (even though it's Monday...) but can you email me and tell me again how to do that link??? :)

Stefani said...

I'm excited about the multi-site format too! It will be nice not to have to drive so far every weekend. I can't wait to be a part of getting it started. Just think of all the new people we'll reach! See you tomorrow!

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