Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Off The Hinges

This is B's bedroom door.

Off the hinges.

Leaning against the wall in the hallway.

She slammed it - Again.

Hubby just had enough of that.

So, off it went.

Her response was even worse. Whew, that girl has a temper. Hmmm, no idea where she gets that. So, she lost it for another day because of the temper tantrum.

She said, "This is something you would do to a teenager, not an 8 year old!"

Let's hope we don't have to do it again.

Something tells me we might.

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Musings of a Homeschooling Mom said...

I love it! We have an 8 year old daughter that tries her luck every once in awhile. She's not too big on slamming doors yet, though.

Queen B said...

That is a really great idea! I'll be filing that for later use!

Allison said...

I'll have to remember that one! Son has a way of slamming doors, too!

Terra said...

Janel, the B is very cute!!! the door in the hall cracks me up. I love it!!

kel said...

My dad did that to me when I was thirteen!! Ugh oh!!!

GladMom24 said...

I burst out laughing when I saw this. My 8yo likes to slam doors too. I have threatened this and when she gets home I'm going to show her,"see I'm not the only mean mom in town" ;)

Kim said...

I lost my door a few times growing up. I still have a temper, but I have learned, ahem, am learning to control it. :)
Hang in there Mama.

Kristin said...

Did you ever re-do her bedroom? (minus the door, of course!)

Anita said...

Hi Janel, first time visitor, I read about your blog from Ali at Home of the Lazy Dog. I didn't know your daughter's age when I started reading this, and honey I can relate! I have twin 15 year old daughters, I think they were 12 when they first lost their bedroom door. It's happened twice...ugh.
I hope your daughter learns quicker than mine did.
Have a great day!

Merrie said...

I foresee this happening in our house. The kids are a little too hot tempered and sassy now and then. I hope it helps!

Great blog!

EE said...

Impressive parenting! You guys are good!!!

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