Friday, February 6, 2009

Prayer Now, Please

Hello dear readers. All 5 of you. Oh, I'm just kidding - I know there are like 8 or so.

Anyway, if you are the praying type, would you please say a prayer today?

Our Senior Pastor, worship director and a team from church are in the Central African Republic. This is an area that our church as taken a very special interest in through ICDI.

In 2008, our church raised funds to dig 10 wells which provide enough clean water for 5,000 people. (Read more about how clean water can change lives HERE.) Not to mention, sponsoring hundreds of orphans so they can have homes, food and an education.

So, this year in addition to more funds for wells, a company in which a church member is involved has donated three very powerful generators. They will provide much needed power to the orphan care center, radio station, offices of ICDI and the base camp for the drillers.

The generators have been stuck in a container in port for months. Very frustrating.

They need these generators to be released and delivered to them TODAY. That is one of the main reasons they are on this trip so that they can get them all set up. So, they just need lots of prayer.

Here is the link to their blog.
Thanks a Bunch!
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Kristin said...

What a great thing to post today. We will all pray like crazy. And then we will wait to see what awesome way God works things out.

Stefani said...

I just wanted to let you know that I'm praying for them too. I've been following the blog as well. I'm sure we'll all be amazed at how God uses them.

Anonymous said...

You've got it I will be praying! I know God will use them and guide them to do His work.

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