Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sample Saturday - Music I Love Right Now

When I first started my blog, a good portion of it was dedicated to what music I was listening to. Music brings me a lot of joy and I just like to share it with others.

I think it has been a good six months since I posted a thing about music. It occurred to me a couple months ago that the only CD's I have actually purchased recently were ones for my daughter and husband. I like Miley Cyrus as much as the next mom, but I need some new music to call my own! So like any good consumer, I have done my part in recent weeks to simulate the economy by buying new music.

There are 3 kinds of albums to me.

  • Ones that I like a song or two and never listen to the rest of the album.
  • Then there are those that I listen to over and over and they just grow on me. I end up loving the entire album but it takes me some time to get to know it before I fall in love.
  • The third? Oh, these are the ones that you put on and almost instantly every single song just speaks to you in some way. It's pretty much love at first sight, or hear in this case.
So, let's start with those.

Jonny Lang - Turn Around. I remember when this 15 year old kid came on the scene playing his guitar and touring with the likes of Buddy Guy and the Rolling Stones. I instantly loved him and probably burned a hole in his album Lie To Me. His new album, Turn Around, is a bit different - the same guitar and soulful Jonny, but from the perspective of a guy who has been through some hard times, grown up a little bit and found his peace. Favorite tracks include My Love Remains, Only a Man and Don't Stop.

Bethany Dillon - So Far: The Acoustic Sessions. Mostly previously recorded music just in acoustic sessions. I love this girl's voice and not sure I could pick a favorite track. I enjoyed her cover of We Can Work It Out. I love the song Beautiful.

Recently purchased and getting into a little slower than I expected.

The Fray - I love these guys. I just heard them interviewed yesterday and think they are incredibly down to earth. I really enjoyed How To Save a Life and found their new release You Found Me to be a great radio follow up. Sometimes, when I love an album, it takes a while for me to warm up to the second one (even though they have 4 albums -something I did not know).

U2 - No Line On The Horizon
Well, what can be said about U2 that hasn't already been said by those more qualified to say it. I've grown up with this band and there is about no way I could not purchase their new album. I've only listened to it twice. I can't give a fair review yet but can say that I've enjoyed it so far. Honestly, I have so much respect for this band and what they do outside of their music that even if I didn't like it (which I do) you would never hear about it on this blog.
Here is a great review on the album.

What are you listening to right now that you love? Please share!

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Kristin said...

Right now, my whole family has been listening non-stop to my cousin's new album! He is only 18 years old, and just released an amazing album in which he wrote all the music, sings, and plays all the instuments. I'd love for all your readers to check it out. It's so amazing to see such a young man using his talents for the Lord! He is on itunes, and you can also purchase downloads and listen to music samples at Phil Schawel, album is called New Life. I hope you enjoy it!! (btw, my hubby just loves the new U2 album!)

GladMom24 said...

I too love music,it heals my soul and mood like nothing else :)
Favorites right now:
1)Third Day Revelation album-love these guys!
2)Natalie Grant Relentless album especially I will Not be Moved and Our Hope Endures
3)Addison Road album by same name
4)Daniel Powter So You Had a Bad Day {actually had to search for this one b/c my 4yo loves the ALvin and the Chipmunks movie}
5)Little Big Town (country band) Life in a Northern Town--new version but still brings back a ton of HS memories!!

The Tree Swing said...


right now Ava favorite song is rock star by Pink, thank her dad for having VH1 on one morning when I wasnt home, I will catch her rocking out in the back of the van BUT on the upside, she LOVES LOVES TO SING he reigns

Logan loves anytihng really

I listen to alot of music, it depends on my mood and how I need to be healed in one way or another.

I love kelly clarksons new song, and I like disturbia by rhiannon but Ive lost respect for her going to back to an abuser but for the most part it's christian music here or 80's flashbacks,lol

sorry this was so long, great blog

Gillian said...

Came across your blog through my alerts for Jonny Lang (nice lil write up!) Based on your likes, you may want to check out The Damnwells' latest. It's even available for free (well short of giving your email). It's currently available for download at I hope you enjoy!

Terra said...

of those, I love the Fray the most! going to se them here this summer!

Deb Browning said...

Taylor Swift's new album, "Fearless," ROCKS!!!

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