Thursday, May 28, 2009

Slug Slayer

It's been rainy here in NC this Spring. I am loving the effect it's having on my garden in the way of plants growing and thriving.

Then I saw this...

and this...

and I got a little concerned.

Then a little frustrated. I spend a lot of time trying to make my garden beautiful. It's not easy and I don't naturally have a green thumb. So, I certainly do not need what is causing this destruction.

I didn't see bugs. What could it be?

Tell tale trails of slime and a nighttime glimpse of my patio revealed the evildoers right away.


Not just any slugs.

Big long disgusting nasty slugs. Seriously, ugly.

All over my garden at night - feasting on my apparently tasty flowers.

I read on a gardening blog to try beer. So, I've done this the last few nights. I set out a big bowl of beer and they seem to want to swim in it. As if there were nothing redeemable about them anyway, now I know they are just drunkards waiting to swim in a pool of beer.

The best part.
They drown in it and die.

The worst part.
I have about 10 dead slugs in beer each morning to dispose of.

YUCK!!!!! I dare not even show you a picture for fear you will never come back to my blog.

It's better than eating my flowers, though. So, until I figure out a better way - beer it is. Any ideas for a slug slayer?
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Ali said...

Yuck! Fortunately, I haven't had that problem--I don't know if I could stomach a bunch of dead slugs floating around in beer!

Anonymous said...

Here is a website all about how to slay the slugs - good luck!


jen@odbt said...

Ewww. I'd heard about the beer thing. Glad it works but then what? I don't know if I could handle dealing with the concoction. I bet the kids think it's really in a gross way, that is.

Anita said...

Oh gag, sorry you are having trouble with slugs, those are just nasty little buggers aren't they?
I hope you get rid of them, by whatever means.

Deb Browning said...

I go to Target or Lowes and get the box of granules for slug control. You sprinkle it around the base of your plants, water, and then I don't see the creatures anymore.

Terra said...

Yuck, and what a waste of good beer eh?

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