Friday, June 5, 2009


I'm kinda into the one word titles this week. My brain seems to be working like that lately.

I've been so busy taking care of our new puppy that it seems I seldom mention my little sweet Buddy. He's had a hard week.

First of all, he is the object of the puppy's affection. Buddy is Elmo's own personal little teething toy. The other day I came in the room to find Elmo towering over Buddy and blood on Buddy's white fur. Of course, I freaked out and banished Elmo outside but it turns out it was only blood from Elmo losing his baby teeth. Thankfully, he has never actually bitten Buddy or I would have a fit. I am not even sure that I wouldn't have to find Elmo a new home. I don't even want to think about that, though. So far so good.

Remember about a year ago when Buddy had to have teeth removed? And my guilt for not brushing his little teeth daily? Well, this week he had to have 5 more removed! Now his tongue sticks out because there are no teeth to hold them in. Pitiful. More guilt. In my defense, I have been brushing them more and he eats ONLY soft food. He can't have any bones or treats so there is no way for him to clean his teeth. I am pretty sure there was just no way around this.

Speaking of teeth...
I got a mouth guard a couple weeks ago. Apparently, I was grinding my teeth at night. Is my life really that stressful that I have to grind my teeth? I didn't think so but my teeth were chipping and I had to get some fillings - a sure sign of grinding.

I'm not sure about this thing. It bugs me at night. It's tight and makes my mouth sooo dry. I wake up feeling like I am walking through a dessert.

So, in wrapping up the week, it was mostly good - pool time, gym time and heading to the museum today. I like weeks like that. How about you? Happy Weekend!!!

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jen@odbt said...

Poor buddy. I wear a mouth guard too - my husband thinks it's oh so lovely...not! Have a great weekend - we're celebrating my baby's 4th birthday.

Anita said...

We had a dog that had to have several teeth pulled too. I felt awful, but honestly we were out of finances in caring for small kids that the dogs teeth took a back burner and I sadly did not brush her little teeth well enough.
Have a wonderful weekend.........summer is here for us, and I won't be alone for 10 more weeks!!! LOL

Terra said...

We didn't brush our dogs teeth either...dont feel too bad.

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