Friday, June 19, 2009

Vacation Bible School thoughts

The kids have been in VBS all week. I have to admit that the two hour break each evening was a treat for me AND them. They had a blast coming home each night with crafts and sing songy hearts.

When I was a kid, I would visit my aunt in St. Louis each summer for a few weeks. She had 7 kids and would take on me and my 2 brothers to give my single mom a break. She also babysat for a living. Her house was a zoo. I am not even sure where I slept most of the time but I am sure of the fact that I had fun!

For one week of our visit she would always send us to Vacation Bible School. I am sure that this was a strategic move on her part to get rid of the school age kids for a few hours of peace each day.

Anyway, my fondest memory of VBS other than making a matchstick cross and macaroni necklaces, was the feel of the Sunday school classrooms. It was the feeling of community and and joy of learning about Jesus. It was most likely some of the first memories I have about my God and many of them would carry me through until I found my way back to Him years later. It was definitely one of first associations with church - thankfully, it was positive.

So, I always send my kids. I think it is a good experience for them.

My 8 year old daughter seems to have a pretty firm grasp on God so far. She decided to be baptized a year or so ago to make an outward showing of her love for Jesus. For her, any time to worship God is a good time. She knows all the songs and moves by heart and could probably teach some of the lessons. Seriously.

My 5 year old thinks of God as the ultimate super hero. He imagines him as a flying, bigger than life man that can turn into a fireball in a second flat. It's been more difficult for him to get the concept of who God is. Well yeah - he's 5.

I had a lot of fun watching him this week in particular.

Early in the week they made prayer journals. On the front he drew a picture of a man. He said,

" Mom, I drew God on the front of my prayer book. I gave him brown hair. Kinda crazy brown hair. Is that okay? Do you think that is what God looks like?"

The next night I came into his room to see him madly "writing" in his journal. He can't spell more than his name right now. I asked what he was doing.
"Writing to God, Mom."

I asked what he was writing.
"Oh, how I love Him. How we are friends. Stuff like that."

Then yesterday we were listening to the CD of music from VBS and I looked in my rearview mirror to find him signing and singing to a song called, I am a Friend of God. Yes, I quietly cried right there in my car. It was beyond sweet watching a boy who wasn't even sure he wanted to go to see him now singing the songs by heart.

The biggest serious question came one night before bed when he pointed to his chest and asked me if his soul was in there.


I remember some of these conversations with my daughter and I am excited to be having them with him. The open heart of a child to God is inspiring to me.

So, how about you? Anyone else have VBS this week?

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Kristin said...

Oh, so sweet. Little boys just have a way of melting your heart. My kids are in VBS next week, in the morning. So I'll have my little guy to myself for a few hours each day. Tonight he thanked God for making tractors, just for him. :)

Kellie said...

My daughter went to VBS for what I realized was the first time last week.

In TX I worked VBS six years in a row, and although she went to the childcare the provided for volunteers she wasn't old enough to participate.

Then we moved here and our small church doesn't do VBS. Then we moved again, and again.

So when she pranced around last weekend with all sorts of questions on VBS: What is it? Where is it? What will we do?, I began to realize that this ws her first!!!

Poor second child!

She had a blast though and is ready to go again next year!

GladMom24 said...

As I collapsed into bed after our last night of VBS, I realized I've been volunteering in VBS for 7 yrs now. I started when my oldest was 3 so she could go to the 'preschool' version then as she grew her sisters followed. I cant imagine not participating with them now. I love the songs that we will sing for the rest of the summer. I love the crafts,the yummy snacks, the corny jokes and the joy on the kids faces as they learn about Jesus. I love the simple messages that God is powerful, He loves me, He gives me life and I don't need to fear. Now that I'm with the school age kids I love making new 'kid' friends and bringing my neighbors who wont come to church with us but will come to VBS.
We had a great week and I'm already looking forward to next years VBS.

EE said...

So cute!
My church doesn't do VBS.
I've tagged you for a meme over at my blog!!

Adventure Mom Janna said...

I love the part about him telling God they were friends. So precious.

I found you through blogher. I can't believe you've had 19,000 visitors! Congrats

I'm still working my way to 1,000. I enjoy blogging though. I just reached 2 months of blogging so we'll see what the future holds.

Janel@Dandelion Dayz said...

Our church doesn't do VBS either for many reasons. Mostly, I think it is because of volunteers, though. Our church is run by volunteers - hundreds and hundreds every weekend. It would be a lot to ask to have them run a VBS, too. I know they would do it like no other if they did, though. I still really like to send my kids to the ones at the small churches around my house.

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