Monday, June 22, 2009

What Makes Me Happy

Well, it's Monday and as usual I am just trying to figure out what direction to take for the week. Not to mention we just got back from a relaxing trip to Lake Gaston and it seems I left my mind there. So, a Meme it is! I haven't done one for a long time and my friend from high school, E at Life Unscripted tagged me in this one.

What Makes Me Happy

1. Relaxing weekends with my family and friends.
2. A blank Summer day on my calendar.

3. Upcoming trip to the beach and kids out of school!

4. My puppy that goes potty OUTSIDE!

5. My 5 year old son trying to explain to me the power of a Bakugan card. Listening to him play with cars and talk to himself. His voice is one of my favorite sounds ever.

6. Silver Metallic Nail Polish on my toes.

7. My garden in bloom! AND that the deer have not eaten it.

8. The smell of Hubby lingering in the house after he leaves for work.

9. My daughter's handmade gifts for Father's Day - she is always making us gifts from whatever she can find around the house. It is absolutely the sweetest effort from her heart. She just cannot wait for us to open them. This was for Father's Day at the lake this weekend.
10. SUMMER!!!! I love love love Summer. Don't mind the heat. Love having the kids home. The pool, the beach, the clothes - everything!

Okay, your turn to do the meme! Let me know if you do, so I can come to your blog and check out what makes you happy! Or leave it in my comments.
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EE said...

Thanks for playing.
I'm going to have to purchase some metallic nail polish!
Let me know how your son likes TKD!

Kellie said...

I say YAY! from number 2.

And "oh let it be so for us too!" on number 4. Sophie is STILL not completly potty trained and it been almost seven months!

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