Monday, July 13, 2009

All Without Coffee

1. Popcorn and seesening
2. Awsome pjs
3. LOTS of stuffed animals
4. Blankets
5. BFF
6. Hermit Crabs
7. Dogs
8. Candy
9. Favorite Coloring Book
10. Scary Stories

And there you have it. An 8 year old girl's list for the perfect sleepover on a summer night.

Which we are having tonight. On a Monday night. 'Cause I'm just a cool mom, ya know? Or crazy. Mostly crazy.

Already today, I have watched a Teddy Bear fashion show. A play about a duck, hula girl and kung fu fighter, taken three kids to see the latest Ice Age movie, made PB & J's for lunch, pizza for dinner and cleaned out a hermit crab cage. Not to mention the laundry. Really, let's not mention it.

ALL. Without. Coffee.

Yes, I woke up on a Monday morning with not a speck of coffee in my house and it was down-pouring outside. I thought it would not be worth it to make the trek in the rain so I made a cup of tea instead. Then I stubbed my toe on a chair. And my dog peed inside because he's just too precious to go out in the rain, ya know. The cable was out for a bit this morning so that my son could not watch Cartoon Network (the horror).

ALL. Without. Coffee.

I have proven to myself today that...I.Am. A. Survivor.
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Stefani said...

You are one strong woman! I am in awe of how you managed to remain a "cool mom" without your morning coffee. I'm not sure "cool mom" would describe me on a normal day. Let alone one without coffee. (Oh the horror!) You're my hero!

jen@odbt said...

I think the dog pee and the movie outing would have put me over the edge. You go girl!

Kellie said...

Survivor indeed!!!!!!

I don't know how you did it!

fritzfacts said...

How brave...I couldn't have done it.

Kristin said...

So who was the teller of the scary stories? (was a Monday w/o coffe part of the scary tale???)

EE said...

I'm impressed that you had this sleepover so soon after returning from vacation!!
Hermit crabs????

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