Thursday, July 16, 2009

Catchin' A Wave - A Thousand Words Thursday

Cheaper Than Therapy

I used to participate in Jen's A Thousand Words Thursday a lot. Then I kinda dropped off with my regular blogging. I love Jen's blog, though and have missed it. I started to follow her on Facebook and of course got hooked again.

So what's A Thousand Words Thursday? Post a picture that's worth a thousand words or none at all. That's it. Post it, tell the story. Or not. Link up to others and check them out at Cheaper Than Therapy.

This is my Bubby at the beach recently. I love the picture because he is having so much fun just trying to catch a wave with his little boogie board. The bigger story behind this is that he was terrified of the ocean last year and he is so excited to let these waves knock him down this year. I cannot keep the kid out of water this year and that is just fine by me!

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MommaD said...

Great that he has conquered his fear! Looks like he is having an absolute blast!

sheila said...

He's braver than I! lol. (no, seriously...he is)

The Mom Jen said...

Hey beautiful I've missed you so! Great shot, looks like a natural in the waves!! Keep in touch!

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