Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Consignment Sales - WFMW, WW

Here are some photos of our third floor attic right now. That is not the worst of it actually but I'm too embarrassed to show you the rest. I have just finished sorting through about 1/4 of the attic that you cannot see.

I decided that since I am running out of storage space in said attic that it might be time to clean it out. I still have baby clothes and my kid's bedding from their cribs, monitors and everything in between. My oldest is 8 - you do the math how much stuff is in there.

Today, I took about a ton of clothes and toys to a kid's consignment sale. Local moms check that out here at Kid's Exchange and go shop! Really - there are some GREAT deals there. I was in complete and total awe at the amount of stuff for sale. I bet there is an acre or two of strollers alone. Seriously. The clothes - OhmiGAP! It is unbelievable. I'm hoping I can make a little cash back on all of the things I have purchased over the years. Works for Me!

To find your own local consignment sales check your fairgrounds schedule or with your Chamber of Commerce. Or your local Yellow Pages for consignment shops. It's a great way to recycle kid's clothes and toys and also put a little money back in your pocket...for more kid's clothes and toys!

I do have a couple tips for consigning.

  • Only consign what you would pay for again.
  • As you clean out your kids closets: clean, repair and neatly fold all items you want to sell. Put them in a box with the season and age. It will be much easier to organize later.
  • Find somewhere to hang special items so they won't get wrinkled.
  • Place bigger items in a sealed trash bag so they will not get dusty
  • Clean them before consigning them. Would you buy something dirty?
  • Price them fairly so they will sell (if you have control over this part - most shops do their own pricing. Big sales usually let you price) The goal is to sell them. If you price them too high, they will not sell and you will either have to pick them up again or they will be donated.
  • I keep a section in my closet for clothes that I want to consign. As I decide I don't like an item or see I've grown out of it (you know how clothes shrink), I place it in this section - clean and ironed, of course. Each season, I make an appointment with my favorite women's consignment shop and take those items in. It makes it so much easier.
Anyway, only one quarter of the attic stuff is gone. That leaves the other 3/4 to through and get rid of! How do we get this much stuff?

I guess I will have a Tackle It Tuesday post coming up soon, eh?

For more Wordless Wednesday go to 5 Minutes for Mom. I know this is not too wordless today but I am hoping my photos will make someone feel good about their house today since mine is such a mess!

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Muthering Heights and Other Senseless Sensibility said...

Wow, it sounds like you can find some great things!

Kacie said...

And then people like me who are on the buying instead of consigning side.... get the benefit of the other side of the deal - cheap clothes!

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