Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Adjusting to Kindergarten - Both of Us

Kindergarten is going really well for Bubby. I dare say, that I was worried for nothing.

I'm adjusting to my new (actually very busy) schedule without two kids at home and Bubby is getting up without a struggle, is dressed within minutes and walks like a big boy with his sis to the bus stop.

The only challenge is getting my light eater boy to have a good breakfast before he leaves. Last week he told me that he really didn't have time to eat breakfast (he had plenty of time) because he needed to get to Kindergarten.

I guess he likes it.

He was also sharing with us about one of the boys in his class that is apparently not having such a good experience. He went to the principal's office 3 days in a row and Bubby was sure to tell us each day how the boy acted. Not in as much detail as my daughter would have, but for a little boy, it was pretty thorough.

Except when we asked him one night at dinner if he'd gotten in trouble during the week.

His response was, "Not really that much."

Me, "What do you mean, "not really that much?""

To which Bubby conveniently ignored and asked, "Can you pass the salt?"

It took me about two days and the use of my mother to get out of him that he was getting in trouble for talking in class. For some reason, he will tell my mom things that he will not tell me. I guess he thinks they have a little secret pact since he gets more desserts over at her house that I don't know about. But I do...because I'm the mom. Anyway, it's not surprising at all that he is chatting too much - he got in trouble for this all the time in preschool.

Music class seems to be a favorite part of the week. Well, aside from recess.

He comes home singing the songs and doing all the actions with his little hands.

Last night, at bedtime, he was describing how in one song the teacher has them reach out and touch their neighbor.

Bubby, "That kind of bugs me."

Me," Why? I thought you like to hug on your friends. "

Bubby, "Yeah, but both of my neighbors were girls and I don't like to touch them."

Me, "What's wrong with girls? They are soft and pretty and smell like flowers."

Bubby, "I don't think they do."
and then without even blinking... "Only I think you do."

You can see why I miss him, right?

After I wrote this I remembered it would be great for What I Learned This Week. It seems like a lesson I've learned before. That my kids are resilient, happy and most often do fine in spite of all my worrying and fretting. I'm raising them to be that way, so why do I expect it to be different?

For More What I Learned This Week head on over to Musings of A Housewife.

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girlymama said...

you may have the sweetest little guy ever.
what a terrific story!!

Wendy said...

Kindergarten is such a fun time! My daughter used to come home and tell me about what other kids were doing wrong, too. Gotta find someone to tattle on...

Pam said...

My daughter starts Kindergarten at the end of the this month so this was the perfect post for me to read! She seems so much more ready for it than I am :)

Jo@Mylestones said...

Good to hear they adjust just fine. My oldest goes off to Kindergarten in a couple of weeks, and he's far more excited about the transition than I am.
As for the "please pass the salt" comment, I just have to say, your son seems to be very mature for his age to have already learned such a brilliant diversion tactic! :-)

Musings of a Housewife said...

I'm glad things are going so well!!

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