Wednesday, August 12, 2009

WFMW - The Midas Touch

Many years ago, when I was a poor post-college student and trying to decorate my apartment, a more mature friend recommended a product to me to add a little pizazz to my accessories and some furniture. Most of those items are long gone now or I would show you photographs.

Treasure Gold Wax Metallic Finish

It costs about $4 at your local craft store and comes in gold, silver and pewter.

Here is what I've done recently with this product.

I'm re-decorating a half bath in our home. I had a great mirror in that bathroom but it was gold. The gold has served it's purpose for 10 years but I wanted a change in this bathroom.

So, I painted the mirror black.

I thought it looked too plain, though

Then I remembered the Treasure Gold paint rub.

I used the Pewter this time.

It is so incredibly easy to use. I just rubbed my finger in the little pod of waxy paint and then rubbed my finger over over the raised parts of the mirror. It dries almost instantly and doesn't smear or fade after drying. And you can polish it to a shine if you want. I just wanted mine a little more rustic looking.

This is what it looks like now.

I had the black paint so the total cost of this project was $4!

I cannot wait to see it up in my newly painted bathroom!

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Manic Mother said...

Huh, I have never seen such a thing, that is awesome, and it looks great. Now I sit here wondering what the heck I could turn gold with my finger.

Heather said...

This looks like a great product! And so easy to use, too. I am definitely going to try it; thanks for the tip!

Ali said...

Cool and great looking mirror, too!

~Sara said...

I have never heard of that. Looks great!

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