Thursday, October 8, 2009 - updated

I contacted the representative that sends me these emails with a couple questions.  The site is owned by  which is a reputable website.  I have ordered from them before and been very happy.  They actually have free shipping both ways. is Zappos overstock site.  When Zappos gets too much inventory, they deep discount them at

The rep says that the shoes go very fast once they are discounted like this and she was right.  I clicked on many pairs that were already sold out.  BUT, I did manage to get 5 pairs of shoes for $7.95 and $4.95.    Shipping cost on those is $6.95 for all of it.  If they don't fit and you need so send them back - you pay shipping.   I think I would just consign them, though.  I'd be more likely to make my money back.   So, if it all works out, then I would say it's a good deal.   It is worth a shot anyway!  

Okay, so I get these emails every week.  Honestly, I don't even remember how I got on this list BUT that is not important.  What is important is that they send me emails each week telling me the great deals on shoes that they have.  And I love shoes. 

For instance, tomorrow they have an entire line of shoes on sale for $7.95 - leather shoes and boots!  Wow.
This was exactly the email I received.  So, I guess see for yourself.  

I JUST received an update from on Friday (tomorrow 10/9/09) and Saturday (10/10/09) holiday weekend blow-out sales!Get ready – ALL (yes, that says ALL) styles of Gabriella Rocha & Bouquet Shoes & Boots are being drastically reduced to $7.95 each pair!!You read it correctly!Gabriella Rocha is the brand for real women who not only love shoes, but love life, and love being a woman and are stylish, passionate, fresh, and sexy!Visit the site at to see the entire selection– there are 14 pages worth of shoes that will be $7.95 FRIDAY ONLY!And on Saturday, ALL STYLES of Bouquet Footwear are on sale for the same amazingly low price of $7.95 a pair. is the website and apparently you can join in the fun tomorrow, too.

Has anyone used this site?  I have read some good reviews and a couple that said shipping was high.  Any experience out there?   I had a friend express concern over not ever hearing of the site and fear in leaving her credit card info.  Thoughts?

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Genny said...

I haven't heard of this site before at all, so unfortunately, I can't offer any insights. I'd be curious to see how it goes. Sounds interesting. :)

Stefani said...

I just looked at the site and every boot that I clicked on was out of stock. There was one pair available in only a size 5. I'm thinking it might just be a ploy to get you to the site in hopes that you buy something that's not $7.95.

Janel@Dandelion Dayz said...

Be sure to read my updated post on some more deets about this site.

Musings of a Housewife said...

Very interesting! I think I need to subscribe to that newsletter you get! :-)

Janel@Dandelion Dayz said...

You can do that! On the site - upper right corner is a place you can sign up for news.

lancelonie said...

Thanks for showing me 6pm. That's a cool place! :)

By the way, love that header. Can I blow that dandelion, too? Pfffttt...!!! :)

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