Wednesday, November 18, 2009

She Turned Nine Yesterday

She turned 9 yesterday.
It seems more like she was just born yesterday.

What can I say about my girl?
I imagine any mother would speak of their children with great love.
One word that comes to my mind when I think of my eldest child is admiration.
I admire who she is growing up to be.

She ...
Has a heart that belongs first to God.
Is a  Daddy's Girl.
Has a Sing-Songy attitude.
Is a Beautiful Dancer.
Has a Quick Wit.
Is a Lover of Life.

My heart just aches with the love I have for her.

I am hard on her sometimes.  I don't mean to be but I just don't ever want the potential she has to be squashed by an attitude of just getting by.  I try to challenge her to be the very best she can be.  I love her regardless, but I still feel it's my job to push...well, maybe not so much.  What is it with daughters and mothers?   

People compliment my daughter all the time.  She shares the love of God with more people than I do.  She speaks with love and honesty and without fear.   She is a good friend to many and wants to be a good friend to more.   She is polite, sweet and beautiful.   She has great compassion for people and animals. 

I am truly humbled that God would trust me with such a precious package.   That he gave me such a gift  -  to be her mother -  is proof alone of how much he must love me.   

Happy Birthday my baby girl!  You are a blessing beyond words. 

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jen@odbt said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter! She sounds like a joy to be around. PS: It's not just moms & daughters, I'm like this with my oldest too. I don't want him to every just get by either.

Kellie said...

Happy Birthday!

She's beautiful! Both as a baby and little girl!

The Fritz Facts said...

Happy Birthday! She is simply gorgeous.

This was a fabulous tribute to her!

Sandy said...

What a sweet gift to your little girl! She is beautiful (I love that little dimple in her cheek!)
Take it from a "Seasoned Sister"; guarding your relationship with her will have great dividends. Enjoying her now & continuing to "be the mom" while she is growing up sets the stage for friendship with her when she is a grown woman.
She sounds like such a Godly little girl who is faithful to proclaim our Father. You obviously are doing "the right thing" with her.
Happy Birthday to her!

Deb said...

A mama's love.

Ain't nothing like it.

Wishing many Happy Birthday's to your baby girl.

Sweet dreams.

Such The Spot said...

All those lovely things you said about her just makes me want to meet her. She sounds like a daughter worthy of admiration for sure.

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