Monday, November 16, 2009


As I was tucking B in tonight, she asked me if she would be waking up to streamers all over her bed.  It's a tradition that we copied from friends. The night before the kid's birthdays we sneak into their rooms and decorate it with streamers.  Downstairs we decorate their chair at the table and put a Happy Birthday sign up in the kitchen.  I think I stole that one from my sister in law.  

Honestly, I was thinking of skipping the streamer part until she said something.
Because I'm tired, y'all.

After I put her to bed and was running around picking up the house, I thought about just how important traditions are to our kids. I know that I remember fondly the pies my mom baked at the holidays and as a teenager, opening presents on Christmas Eve.   Traditions provided comfort and security for me during times when those things were otherwise lacking.

It can seal our family together.
Bonds our hearts to one another.
Provide memories we will look back on and smile about.
Helps us grow into the adults we are.  

I was so excited when we started our own little family to have our own traditions.  I might have started one too many in my excitement as a young mommy,  but the ones that matter seem to stick.  

So, tired as I might be...I'm headed up to my almost 9 year old girl's room where I will be putting streamers up.

It's tradition.

Tell me your favorite family tradition. 
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Kellie said...

For birthdays the kids get to choose dinner for the night, and they get to eat of the Red Plate.

I love your decorating idea!

Kristin said...

We decorate the family room and kitchen, and a balloon goes on their chair. The birthday kid gets to go to Baskin Robbins for their birthday BREAKFAST of ice cream! At Christmas we ride in the car in pj's to look at lights, and daddy always reads the Christmas story from the Bible by the fire right before bed on Christmas Eve. Love your idea of decorating the bedroom for birthdays!!

Tania said...

One of my favorites is a little Easter tradition we started. We spoke to the Easter Bunny and asked him to leave one special egg on the kids footboards so when they wake up it's one of the first things they see. Our favorite Christmas tradition is going out in the car with a cup of hot chocolate to look at all the decorated houses. The boys love that on their birthdays they get to pick what they would like for dinner.I am always interested to hear what they will pick for their special meal.

Carpool Queen said...

Love the streamer idea. We do chocolate chip pancakes on Saturday morning for our tradition.

Stefani said...

On Christmas Eve we all wake up with a present on the end of our beds. It didn't take long for the kiddos to figure out that it's jammies every year. They start picking out what kind of new jammies they would like for Christmas sometime in September. I think it's the tradition they most look forward to.
We (the kiddos, at least) also put on the new jammies and we make hot cocoa in travel mugs and drive around to look at all the lights. I love the streamers idea!

Ali said...

That's a great birthday tradition! I know most kids grow up carving pumpkins and making smores for Halloween but we never did that growing up. We've started doing that with our boys and it's so much fun!

jen@odbt said...

We started the decorating of the bedroom door for each birthday and they love it. Birthday celebrant chooses where he/she wants to eat but we always come home to a homemade cake then gifts. For Christmas we have an Elf (Elfis) that comes the day after Thanksgiving. I hope some of our traditions carry with them to their families.

GladMom24 said...

The birthday girl wakes to balloons in her bed, her own mini cake and her sisters singing Happy Birthday. I started it with Camille one year b/c she was the only one that yr that didnt have a party.
In the kitchen we have the birthday banner.And I sign the b-day girl out from school early for her own special lunch.
We love to celebrate so we do lots of silly things.

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