Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Skip the Non-Stick

A friend passed along this link to me this morning. It's from the Enviromental Working Group about the dangers of cooking with non-stick cookware.

It's not news to her.  It's not news to me.  It may not be news to you.  But it might and that's why I'm posting it.  Cooking on non-stick cookware is not as safe as we are led to believe.  Many countries have actually banned the use of non-stick cookware.  Banned - as in no use, deemed as dangerous to the public, not good. 

I haven't cooked with non-stick for 15 years.   Even when we travel to a vacation house, I take my cookware. Yes, if you don't already know, we sell a line of premium stainless steel cookware.  I'm not writing this post to sell you anything but rather as a public service announcement of sorts.   I know eating off of non-stick can't be avoided in restaurants and well, neither can a lot of things.   So, that's something I have to just live with and make eating out a treat, not the norm.

How do I cook eggs?  With a smooth stainless steel frying pan and a little butter.  The best part is that the eggs taste amazing.    I taste the eggs, the butter and anything I put in them - not whatever else comes from the actual pan. 

 Isn't stainless steel harder to clean?  Yes, a little harder, but I usually put some water in the pan right after I cook something that sticks and it easily slides out by the time the pan cools and I am ready to clean it.  I'm willing to spend a little more time cleaning to forsake eating chemicals from my cookware. 

My personal choice for cookware is the highest grade of stainless steel I could find.   I personally feel like it is worth the expense for a lifetime of healthier cooking for my family.    But that's just me.

Please please please know that  I am, by no means, judging what you cook with - just passing along some  information that I find worth passing along.

Judge for yourself.
Why You Should Skip the Non-Stick
Safer Cookware to choose From
What is PFOA? - the stuff on non-stick cookware

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Genny said...

I cook with stainless steel too. Great info to share!

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