Thursday, December 31, 2009

Big Plans Tonight?

I don't know what happened but sometime between the age of 32 and now, I lost my desire to go out on New Year's Eve.   This coming from someone who was sure to be the "party girl" forever.  Now, I'm just a plain 'ole homebody.

It could have a lot to do with the fact that I love to ring in the new year with my little people.  They stay up as late as they can and sip sparkling cider with us.  I think it makes them very happy to be with us and not a sitter.

I remember as a kid, my single mom would have to work almost every New Year's Eve.  She was in the restaurant business.   I would stay home with my brothers and watch movies.  My mom would call us at midnight and I could always hear the craziness in the background of the her call.   I missed being with her.    Even as I got older and left home, I would call my mom at Midnight.

Anyway, now it's usually my mom babysitting my kids if we do head out, so I am bound to see her at the end of the night.  

I do enjoy having friends over or going over to a friend's house because then I don't have to drive or drive very far.  I think the thought of drunk drivers scares me a little bit, too. 

We are heading out today to see the new Chipmunk movie and then back home to settle into our warm house with each other.   Sounds good to me!

How about you?  Any big plans tonight? 

So, my first thing to do in the new year is get a haircut - I think it has been about 5 months since I last got my locks chopped and it shows!   Well, after I get all these Christmas decorations down.   I love to get my house back in order after Christmas.  It makes me feel really good - organized, clean, ready to conquer the new year.

 I don't have any resolutions this year.  I do have a word for 2010, though.  I plan to post that Monday or Tuesday of next week.    I'd love it if you would join in with me.    Basically, I choose a word that I think will represent my new year.  I don't try to fool myself into thinking I will stick to a bunch of resolutions that sound really great this week and then seem to be too hard by the third week in January.  I prefer to choose a word that I think embodies an area I really need to grow in because I think life really is more a constant state of growth than a list of things we can check off.  Even a resolution I think I've conquered in the past seems to show itself in different ways years later.   

Last year my word was AWARE.    I think I did grow in that area of my life and that it is something I can still be working on in the new year.

So, start thinking of your word!  It will be fun to see what you come up with.

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Anita said...

I look forward to your"word" and I'll be thinking about mine!

We'll be home tonight too. I love the memory of not spending it with your mom, but of talking to her on the phone, that is just so sweet.

Wishing you the very very best in 2010, and thanking you for letting me share in some way via the blog.

Carpool Queen said...

Going over to a friend's house for a meal and game night, then hopefully coming home before midnight.

I like to beat the crazies home.

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