Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 Blog Recap

I'm taking a break from cleaning  my house to join in Jo-Lynne's Blog Recap Carnival.    Putting away Christmas is a dirty job, y'all!  I also can't remember where any of my original stuff goes.   It's kinda like redecorating your house all over again.    So, my brain needs a break - here you go -  the first post (ok, the first interesting post) of each month from 2009.   Let's see how the year unfolded here in the Dandelion Dayz household! 

Well, it seems that last year on the first of the January, I did this carnival, so moving right along...

Jesus and Jedi:  This marked the beginning of Bubby really starting to converse with us.     Through preschool and into Kindergarten, he was really trying to figure the world out.   I think I recorded many things that he said this year that were just hysterical.  This particular conversation was also recorded in his preschool newsletter last January.   

Funny enough, it started out with another conversation with Bubby  -  Summer Hot .  However, the most important thing that happened in February of last year was that we got a new dog, Elmo, and our life has been chaos ever since - Puppy Love

Joy In A Snow Day:  Our last snow day of 2009 thank goodness.  I do always enjoy an unexpected day at home with my kiddos.   I love the when it snows here, life in the outside world just comes to a stop.  It's all about sledding and hot chocolate!

Insert Mommy Guilt Here:  This month marked the first time I realized that we had an issue with B and UTI's.   This started the first of many tests which ended with a surgery this past December.   Hopefully, we are at the end of those problems for my girl.  

Flowers of Spring:  It is by far my favorite time of the year.  I love to work in the garden during this time and see all the new flowers spring up. 

Her Day:  Recital time for Bennett.  She loves to dance.  We love to watch her.  She started 4 dance classes this past year - whew both my time and wallet were seriously affected.  But she finds so much joy from it that we find a way to make it happen for her. 

Okay, so this is actually my favorite time of the year.  Our annual trip to the beach.  Love this time with my family so much. 

We Interrupt this Unscheduled Break We started off this month by being at The Cove in Asheville - what a retreat.  Just what I needed. 

My Magnificent House:  Me coming to terms with loving what I have and not coveting others stuff.  Hard thing to do sometimes. 

Fun with my kids!  This is my life - a mom.     I also to fulfill a lifelong dream to see U2 in October, Magnificent Indeed

Color My Walls:  We started 2009 with the intention of renovating our kitchen.  Thank you, Recession, for putting a dent in that plan.  We did decide to tackle some projects that were more affordable, though.    Some carpet, new paint - it gave us the facelift we needed in our house. 

Scrapbooking: There Has Got to Be An Easier Way.   The reality is that it takes time to document your family.  It doesn't have to be decorative scrapbooks.  Blogs, albums that you insert photos, journals - it all counts.  I just think it's important to do something.  So, I'm trying not to be so hard on myself over this.  I actually document quite a bit right here, keep a journal for each of my kids (which needs to be updated, btw) and scrapbook some.  Not to mention the videos!  It's all good, right? 

Okay, so that's it!  Looks like 2009 was just a breeze, huh? 

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