Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Family Gifts

As a younger couple we spent a lot of time (and money) buying each individual member of our family a gift.    We got each of our brothers a gift.  When they added wives - a gift,  kids - each a gift.    As you can imagine, it got to be pretty expensive.    So, we got a little smarter and started to work out a new plan with each family.  Some we exchange names and others we purchase a family gift.

So, I thought I would share some of those ideas with you from over the years.

Family Movie Night: 
This can be a couple ways.

  • Give them a DVD of family movie that they haven't seen yet -  include some microwave popcorn or Jiffy Pop and candy in a basket and you've got Family Movie Night.
  • Purchase DVD sets of your favorite old shows like The Brady Bunch, Gilligan's Island and The Lone Ranger.  They can have several movie nights with so many shows.  

    • This year I actually purchased movie tickets to the theater in my brother and sister in law's town ahead of time.  After I received the tickets, I added boxes of movie candy for each member (4 in this case), wrapped it all up in a little cute basket and shipped it off with a note that said, "Enjoy a Family Movie Night Out on us!"  Movies are expensive so I think this is a nice treat.    I know I'd love to get it!
    • You can also do this with local skating rinks, bowling, concerts and sporting events.  

    Family Game Night:

    • Last year, I had so much fun with this one.   I bought a couple of our favorite games and just like the movie night included some goodies like popcorn, candy, homemade treats.  Wrapped it all up for Family Game Night!  I thought about this later but how fun would it have been to include a blanket in this basket or slippers for each family member?!? 

    Our favorite games are Apples to Apples (they even have versions for younger kids), Sequence (also has a younger version) and Clue.   I am sure you have a favorite or two you could put in a basket.   Obviously, you want to base this on their age.

    • Wii games are great family fun games.    We have a blast with the bowling and Guitar Hero.  If they don't have those games and have a Wii, these would be fun. 

    This is a bit pricey (because you have to buy 2) and not a gift I have actually done, but my in-laws happen to have the same webcam as we do and we recently thought about connecting with each other on them.  My friend recently told me how she gave them to her family members when they moved away.  Great idea!   I love my Logitech and you can get free shipping on orders over $75 right now.   What a great way to stay in touch with long distance relatives.

    Photo Album:
    How about a photo album full of photos your family with their family?  Find pictures from over the years and put together a special keepsake for them to show how much you enjoy your time with them.  

    How about you?  What family gift ideas do you have?  And yes, I am fresh out, so I will be borrowing them!  ;)

    Stuff I gotta tell you:  

    *I did receive a Logitech webcam a few months ago from Logitech via MomSelect.  I have not received any other compensation from Logitech or MomSelect  for talking about my experience with my webcam.  I'm just sharing my opinion and the offers that are posted on the Logitech website.   I have not received any compensation for mentioning the games above.  I just like them. 

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    Ali said...

    Those are some great ideas--I love the movie basket one, the tickets would come in handy for keeping the kids entertained during the summer!

    jen@odbt said...

    What great ideas! We don't exchange gifts between families on my husband's side...just too much. We always give the grandparents an updated family photo of us and a photo calendar of all the kids, grandkids.

    I like the game night idea...that would be fun for my brother & his wife.

    Anita said...

    We've sent wreaths, which are lovely and smell so good. One year I sent personalized door hangers from Pottery Barn, the next year wreathes from LL Bean, believe it or not, each for under $40, but most of our sibs have grown kids. This year I just sent restaurant GC, and not very inventively.........I needed your post a month ago!!

    Kellie said...

    AWesome ideas!

    I also have to consider gifts that aren't going to be hard to ship (since none of our family lives within 300 miles of us!)

    But I enjoy thinking about all the things that can be done with a little less money and bit more thought and effort....which is so much better than anything else anyway!

    sheila said...

    For my brother's families I have done a Picture book and CD. One year we got Kevin Henkes to sign the books for them. That was fun. Last year I did games. This year, I am very excited about the family gifts: Gumball machines. Yep, that take pennies, nickles and quarters.

    The Fritz Facts said...

    I LOVE the game night idea! That is so cool, I never thought of it. I will have to save that one for future use...

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