Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tea Time

I was organizing some pictures today.  It seems like organizing things that don't require me to move too much are my speed right now.  I vacuumed and felt like the wind was just knocked right out of me.  I honestly just do not remember being this tired with my first two pregnancies.  Of course, I was younger.  I think that must make a difference.

Anyway, again with the pregnancy talk. Sorry.  It kinda seems to be dominating my thoughts.

So, I was looking through some photos that I took in January during track out.  One day my daughter decided to throw us a tea party.  She made the tea, the food and set the table.  It was a nice treat and something fun to do when the weather outside is frightful.  It was so cold that day.  Well, it's been the coldest January in North Carolina that I've experienced since living here for 12 years.   Anyway, before I get going on the weather...the tea party. 

The menu:  Christmas cookie, banana bread, melon, pastrami & cheese on rye and chocolate
Yum!  I can't even believe I had all of that in the house!

B and I painted this little tea set when she was about 3. 
I think I had to drink about 10 of these cups to equal a real cup of tea.

His father will be proud.

My sweet and thoughtful B - The budding hostess.

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jen@odbt said...

Yummy tea party and yes, the little pinky must go up when drinking tea.

Anita said...

Oh so sweet, I love when kids use their imagination. You have precious kids

The Chubby Dove said...

So cute!
Yeah, that wouldn't go over well here with two sons and a husband. But we do have hot chocolate on days like that. just not with our pinkies extended. ha ha

Stefani said...

That was so sweet of B to set up such a great tea party! It looks like fun was had by all!

S tells me that B is really hoping for a little sister. I can only imagine that L is hoping for a little brother. :) Just imagine all the future tea party possibilities...

Sandy said...

So cute! What darling kids!

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

That looks like so much fun. I love looking back on memories like that from my childhood and I am sure your kids will too!

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