Sunday, June 27, 2010

Asking for Grace

A Note To My Sweet Friends and Family,

 I know that when it comes down to it,
that there is no excuse.

A note of thanks that is late.
Your phone call that I have not returned. 
That lunch in which I just can't seem to find a date.

It's June but feels like August.
Waddling through my last pregnancy days,
it seems like I teeter somewhere between not being able to breathe
and feeling like I might bust.

A busy new job.
The end of a school year.
A summer that has yet to begin.

Living in our house that is being completely reorganized,
There are many days where I can't wait for the end.

To sleep is golden right now.
Often skipping the dishes,
forgoing laundry and household chores
just to catch a 20 minute nap.

I know everyone is busy.
I'm just one asking for some grace.

I miss you and love you very much
And no, I haven't disappeared into outer space.

That was my attempt at a little "poetry" - I'm so bad at poetry.  Really, Janel?  We couldn't tell.  :)

I guess thought the bad poetry would distract you from the fact that I just haven't been myself lately.   I really don't know how else to express my need for grace as I get through these last days of pregnancy.  My kids track out of school on Thursday and so our short summer begins.  And in those four short weeks of our tracked-out summer, I am due to have this baby.

My family, getting this house ready and my job are having to come first.  Taking care of those three things in addition to my own pregnant body is really about all I can handle.   If I don't respond the way I normally would, it's not you.  It's me and I apologize profusely if my hormones have gotten the best of me.   I know, I've not been the most pleasant person to be around some days.

Anyway,  I just had to say all that - love you all.

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Musings of a Housewife said...

Girl. You sound totally overwhelmed. Hang in there, friend! :-)

Kim said...

Love you girl! What do you you need? Can I take the kids for you one day next week? Bring you all dinner? Pray, I'll just simply pray, right now. Dear Abba...I know you're holding Janel and her little one. Please bring her some peace and rest. And let her know WE LOVE HER!

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