Friday, September 3, 2010

5 Things Friday

Five Things You Can Do While Nursing a Baby

1. Watch TV.
Daytime television has not changed in years.  There is just more of it now. 

2.  Read.
I've been reading my bible every morning while I give Baby T his morning snack.  I love this time.

3.  Sleep.
I sometimes fall asleep sitting up.  It's crazy how tired you are in the middle of the night. 

4.  Facebook.
There was no Facebook when I had my other two babies.   I got a laptop for my birthday and I love that I can now nurse Baby T and check everyone's status! 

5.  Sit in Carpool.
Yes, not my favorite thing to do, but a mom does what a mom has to do!

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Sandy M. said...

It's amazing how much more multitasking one can do when it's not a first baby, huh?!
I sure can understand you falling asleep sitting up!

Anita said...

I love your list. with my three my activities were mostly TV or reading. I often fell asleep while nursing.......sitting up or laying down...LOL!

MommyBrain said...

I admit I've done all of those! I read so many good books during the first few months of CJV's life :) It was like a little escape for me! I also got hooked on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - it ran at 2:00 am, and I actually looked forward to that feeding!

Ali said...

I may regret putting this out there but I've nursed on the, uh, potty before:) WHILE keeping an eye on a toddler in the bathtub!

Tania said...

Like Ali I have done some things while nursing that may be quite embarrassing to actually post. One I will mention is helping the kids with homework while making dinner (not at the stove). I look back and wonder how I actually did that...

melissa said...

Love it! I used to love nursing because I felt like it was the only time I sat down some days!

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