Thursday, September 2, 2010

Baby Updates

Well, I meant to post pictures of Baby T on Monday since that was his One Month Birthday! 

But...taking care of Baby T and the rest of this family of mine seems to put me behind...a lot.   You know that saying of how you deliver your brain with the baby?  Yeah, I think that is so true.

He's such a good sleeper.   Even at night I usually get a good 4-5 hour stretch of sleep.  My biggest issue is getting myself to bed early.  Last night if I would have hit the pillow the minute I laid him in his bed, I could have gotten 6 hours of sleep!  Yes, he slept for 6 hours straight at one month old!    But I went to bed an hour and a half after he did and so I did not get as much sleep.   I need to work on that a bit.   

Here are some recent pics of him  - it's hard to get them with his eyes open and he still looks at me a little cross-eyed but oh, he is so cute. 

And here are some of him with his Big Brother and Big Sister.  They LOVED taking these pictures.  They adore him.   

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Anita said...

Just so you know that is one adorable baby!!

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