Saturday, January 12, 2008

90 Day Health and Wealth Challenge

I have to give a little shameless plug for our business here. My husband works so hard and has for the last 15 years building it up. So, I really want to brag on it a little!

Especially for the new year we are working with a personal trainer and nutritionist to help our customers get healthier! We have new recipes and several cooking schools to show them how to cook healthier in their Saladmaster. It is a very exciting challenge to get a jumpstart on the new year. Read all about it HERE.

We are very lucky to have some talented and motivated people working hard on this project and we also thank them. It has been a true blessing to have them working with us. You know who you are!

And there is also a way folks can make some extra income, win trips and earn more Saladmaster if they want. Read more about that HERE.

I have Live Right in my sidebar which is the name of our business. We are authorized dealers of Saladmaster cookware which is by far the finest cookware you can buy. Plus, it helps you cook healthier, save precious vitamins and minerals in your food and save money on your grocery bill! So, read more about it if you get a chance.

There are Saladmaster dealers all over the world so if you think you would like to learn more about it and don't live locally, click on the main Saladmaster Inc. site and find an AUTHORIZED dealer near you. If you live locally, please click on the Live Right website to schedule your night out of the kitchen! If you are already a customer - THANK YOU and please sign up to attend a cooking class and check out the new recipes.

Okay, that's my plug. Thanks for reading!


The Greek Gourmet said...

Wonderful story!
As a former CEO of Saladmaster back when we were "really rocking" (over 9,000 sets per month), I can appreciate your positive attitude and healthy approach to the business. We must continually remind ourselves that our business is solely dependent on one thing: The maximum number of "suspects")no, I didn't say prospects as too many over qualify these days) that see our products, listen to our story and acually see us and assist us cook the foods and taste them.
The more you show, the more that will invest. Pure and simple!
I take my hat off to you as after forty years of selling our products all over the world, the retail prices that you all ask and receive is unbelievable. Hats off to you!
Happy New Year to you and all of your organization. 2008 will be a really good growth year for us all.
Just think outside the box and as JR Cater always says: "see the people".
Arthur Nahatis

BLMOM said...

Well, it certainly is an honor to have such a legend comment on my blog! Thank you for your encouraging words. Yes, I would imagine you have seen some change in 40 years of Saladmaster. Retail prices of many things and the cost of living have increased immensely in the United States especially. In a society of disposable products it is easy to forget that you almost always get what you pay for. With Saladmaster the investment is defintely for life. All of our customers are so important to us and we want them to get the most out of their investment which is why we offer more than a product, but more of a lifestyle. I would love to continue any business conversation via email! Look on my profile page to email me directly. Otherwise, blessings to you and your family in your business as well.

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