Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The laundry woos me

I am talking about laundry here today because...

Well, it seems like my life revolves around the laundry some days.

There is a contest at the end of this story, so if you are tempted to stop reading - read on!

I was having a conversation with my sister in law the other day and she was telling me about their crazy schedule. So, she was explaining how on Sundays, they have ball practices in the afternoon. So, she told me how they run to church and then she barely has time to put a load of laundry in and eat lunch before they head out to their practices.

Okay, here is a very significant difference between my awesome sister in law (and most other moms) and me.
She actually thinks about the laundry.
Like when to do it.
How she can get a load in between this and that.
She was probably folding laundry that very day we were talking.
Very efficient that sister in law of mine. Love ya, S!


I don't really think about my laundry.

It is more like my laundry kinda woos me.

It beckons me.

It calls to me out of the corners of the clothes hampers.

It whispers, "It's time," when I open up my daughters pj drawer and there are no pjs.

Now don't get me wrong. Not all of the laundry is in the dirty clothes. Some is actually in the dryer or a clothes basket or hanging to dry in the shower. Some is folded and not just put away yet. The socks? Well, you know where the socks are. We've talked about that before. It's just never ever done. Ever.

Today, the laundry called.
And the bathrooms for that matter.
And the floors.
And the dusting.

Now the contest.

You know those As Seen on TV dryer balls?


They actually work.
They soften your clothes without fabric softener or dryer sheets, no static cling and dry your clothes in less time.
No foolin'. Just think of the money you can save!

And because I have been so slack on my blog and with my laundry this week, I am giving some away. Leave a comment about how you keep up with your laundry and I will draw a name on Friday night. I am just waiting for my comments to go crazy! Because everybody wants these dryer balls don't they????


It's Me! said...

Keep up with it? When it grabs me as I go into the kids room or my closet, it then occurs to me..."oh, there's laundry to do!"

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I've never tried these before. And oh, laundry is the same way with me... mostly when hubby has to use a hooded duckie towel I realize it's time.

And I've tagged you today!


Genny said...

Oh,Janel. As I write this I have two loads of laundry to fold, one to put away, and several more to wash. It never ends.

Sarah said...

I pretty much have to do it everyday. My kids are still at the age where they can easily ruin two outfits in one afternoon. If I don't keep on top of it, I not only end up with piles of laundry, but also ruined clothes.

Jodi said...

Monday and Thursday are my laundry days. I will do either 4 or 5 loads on these days. I have seen these dryer balls, and always wondered if they worked. I would love to win them!

Kellie said...

I usually do all the laundry on Monday, and fold, iron and put away all the laundry on Tuesday.

I haven't ever used these little balls in the dryer either!

Jean said...

Im really impressed that some of these guys actually have a system. I pretty much do whatever whenever. I try to do atleast a load a day, but that only means one is started and the other in the dryer waiting the next day or whenever to "fluff" and then maybe fold and put away.
I'd love to try these nifty dryer balls.

Rebecca a.k.a. Mum said...

I do my laundry in many separate loads - me and dh's clothes (separated into whites and darks), my oldest's clothes, the little kids clothes are all one load, the sheets (that is 2 loads there) and then the towels.
I do most of my laundry on Sunday but also do the little kids during the week as well (3 little kids = lots of P.J's and clothes!).

I have seen these dryer balls and always wondered if they worked, good to know they do! :)

carrie said...

you want me to say how I KEEP UP with my laundry?? Hahahahahahaha!

I'm like you. I do three loads in one day (just washing and drying) and two days later the hamper is full again! And that's just grown up clothes. What the??

BUT, since I have 4 kids now, I got small round baskets and put the kids' names on them for their clean clothes. Now I don't fold their clothes, I just sort the clean laundry in their individual baskets and make them fold.

Let's just say they sit there awhile, but it's much easier to get mine and Charlie's folded and put away faster.

Anonymous said...

Laundry is NEVER ending in this house! And I have been wooing those dryer balls since I saw them on HGTV. I have to say, I can relate to your SIL - I too plan when I can do laundry. On Sunday's after service, while the kids are in Sunday School, I run home (only 1 mile to my house) and do a load of laundry, the dishes and make beds. Its crazy I tell you!

Queen B said...

I do the laundry when the basket is full. I have one of those 3-sorter basket things for clothes and a basket for towels. When a section is full, I wash.

I'd love to try those ball things!!

Thanks for the giveaway!!

The Mom said...

What helps us keep up with the laundry is the kids' activities. Baseball uniforms and ballet tights twice a week. Oh and other times of the jammies!

Thanks for the chance Janel!

Stefani said...

I only wish I had a system! My queue to do some laundry is when the hampers are too full to put even one more sock in!

Now if I could only figure out a motivator for actually putting away the baskets of folded clothes that seem to have taken up residence in my bedroom...

D-Ann said...

Laundry was a swear word in my house. Seeing as there was 12 of us kids and it was my chore. Growing up If I wanted to talk to a bf on the phone it was in the laundry folding laundry. Or hanging it out, or starting it. At least 2 loads a day. Now I just do it's second nature and I find it soothing. Go figure :) Now I only do it once a week maybe every two weeks if I can get away with it. I would love to try these laundry balls.

Anonymous said... already know how I handle my laundry!! Thanks for telling everyone how awesome I am!!! :)
Seriously, I start on Sundays (most weeks) and try to do a load every day: Sunday--whites, Monday--Darks, Tues.--kids Whites, Wed.--kids Darks, Thursday--Delicates or sheets/towels or another load of the above-mentioned! This is the only way I know of to not let the laundry pile up on me--something I cannot stand!!
Now--I really want those dryer balls, so please pick me!!

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