Sunday, January 18, 2009

Monday update

  • An update on my daughter's bedding - with help, I found this! It absolutely pays to ask your friends opinions when decorating. Thank you so much for your input. It was helpful for sure!

  • Souper Saturday will be up this weekend. I will actually be gone on a retreat with the women's leadership team from my church. Blessed oh blessed time away with some incredible women.

BUT, I will schedule it so you can post your recipes.

PLEASE do not leave me hangin'. Link up, post a favorite soup recipe and share with your readers what you are doing. I will post a great soup recipe, I promise. You can read the rules HERE.

  • The forecast says snow for us! 2-4 inches. So, I need to run to the store before all the milk, eggs, and bread sell out.

Happy Monday!

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GladMom24 said...

I love the 'Paris' theme. Are you still going w/ the black/white pattern or the pink pattern. I also like the pale green walls, I think it will soften/girlie the room.

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