Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Just a Couple Things - What I Learned This Week

1.  We tend to judge our homes (and our bodies, and our hair and our kids and our husbands and on and on...) more harshly than anyone else ever does.    I often criticize my home as not being big enough, clean enough or organized enough.    And it is all of those things - perfectly sized, clean ENOUGH and even organized.  Some of you may not believe that I can keep an organized home but you know what?  It is!   I need to stop looking at all I don't do and focus on the things I do right!

2.  I am not disorganized.  I am just a HUGE procrastinator.  When you procrastinate things, those things end up happening at the same time and not in an orderly fashion.  It appears I am disorganized when really I've just waited too long to do too many things.  

3.  I should never ever ever make any major decisions the week before, well, that time of the month.
I told a friend last week that I think I must need some medicine because I have been crying so much lately and I should really take a good hard look at changing some things in my life.   My "monthly visitor" came just 3 days later.   Um, yeah - feeling much better, thank you.

4.  I have good kids.   They are kids that make messes and throw tantrums occasionally, but when both sets of grandparents spend time alone with them while Hubby and I run off to Oklahoma and  then tell you how much of a joy it was to be with them - that is a good feeling.  Not that grandparents are partial or anything.  ;)

5.  I should spend way more time with my friends.  They make me laugh.  They listen to me.  They give good advice.  They love me.    Last week, when I was feeling blue, some good friends called out of the blue - they spoke truth into my life and they were like little angels lifting my spirits.

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JanMary said...

Great lessons - all of them.

I found myself agreeing with every single one of them!

Anita said...

Just as JanMary said above, I could agree with all of them, and we all should appreciate and cherish what we have. I know I have things pretty good in my life........very blessed!
Thanks for the reminder.

melissa said...

ugh - #1 is soooo super true. i need to keep reminding myself of that!

Terra said...

excellent lessons, especially on friends! Oh and kids... Thank you for the smiles.

jen@odbt said...

Great lessons. I'm a big procrastinator too and agree that spending time with friends is the best.

The Fritz Facts said...

Those are great lessons! I love the one about crying...go through it myself and always wonder why. lol

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