Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What I Learned This Week - Travel, Breaks, Sickness

1.  I learned this week, well really last week, that I don't like it when Hubby travels. He really doesn't travel that often so when he does, I am all out of sync.  I try to remember that many husbands travel every week and others are away serving in our armed forces - some in foreign lands.  So, it's then that I get over myself and make the best of it. 

I certainly have the utmost respect for women (or men) that run a family without a partner.   I grew up with a single mom and I know how hard it can be.   Anyway, he is back now and we are back on track here!

2.  The holidays come faster every single year.  It seems like I just put the decorations away.    I love Christmas but everything that comes with it stresses me out a bit.  I am trying very hard to prepare earlier this year so I don't find myself running around on December 23 trying to find the last great gift for someone!

3.  Sometimes blogging is not my priority.  I love it.  It's fun and I don't see myself giving it up but sometimes (like last week), I just need to take a break.  That is why I will probably never be a big time blogger. 

4. I hate when my kids are sick.  B has the flu this week and she is pitiful.   I am hoping it's all better before our 7 guests show up on Wednesday! 

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JanMary said...

Great lessons.

I too hate it when my hubby travels, but feel guilty as it is relatively little compared to what some friends we know.

Family first, blogging second - sounds good to me!

Carpool Queen said...

I'm ready for Christmas decorating this year - I never quite the fall ones to my liking, so it's time to move on to bigger and better things;)

jen@odbt said...

I don't like when my husband is out of town too. I hope your kids get better soon. Happy Thanksgiving!

Anita said...

OH how I relate your what you've learned. I am the same unhappy when my hubby travels, he is my partner in everything, so I'm lost(sort of) without him. I love the holidays and want so hard to less consumed by the spending and looking like a perfect Christmas, and more in touch with Jesus.
I've had huge chunks of blogging hiatus this fall, and its' been fine, but I seem to be back and eager to write for the time being.
I hope your little B is feeling better soon, it's the pits to be sick.
Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!

The Fritz Facts said...

Oh how I know how you feel!! There are days where I just can't fit in blogging, it can take so much to get something written down that it feels like work not fun.

I do hope your little one is feeling better!!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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